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Safety Adherence Technology (Pty) Ltd t/a SAT assists in rendering an interactive electronic safety service, to ensure the health and safety of personnel performing work in potential hazardous and dangerous areas. Video monitoring increases employee’s adherence to safety protocols & quality of care.


SAT supplies a visual, digital, interactive electronic safety surveillance and record-keeping system to offer added value for our clients. The system ensures adherence to the provisions and requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Developed in 1999, the system which is both preventative and corrective, operates from a single control room per area. It utilizes strategically placed scanners and cameras which relay the movements and activities of workers to monitors in the control room. The system is real-time and activities are recorded and stored for use in the event of an incident. The monitoring system provides feedback on real-time performance, because data collected by the monitoring system is streamed life to the control rooms where it is analyzed to identify unsafe conditions/ acts and prevent it occurring.

Clients will have peace of mind when using the system and enjoy increased safety levels in the workplace. It includes training in safe behavior, analysis of behavioral trends and identification of hazards.

All SAT employees are trained to do gas test, detect the presence of dangerous and noxious gases. Cameras can be used to provide instantaneous footage from inside a vessel, eliminating the necessity of an official entering the confined space.

Benefits of the system include:

  • Visual monitoring inside confined spaces
  • Real-time monitoring of activities and record keeping of vessel entries
  • On-Site incident control & reporting
  • Hazard identification and elimination
  • Increased safety levels and safety awareness
  • Enforces safety policies, resulting in a safer workplace
  • Record and analyze employee injuries
  • Spot and discourse unsafe working practices
  • Deter theft and capture evidence of suspicious activity

SAT is committed to B-BBEE including, transfer of knowledge and skills, Employment Equity practices and sourcing from Empowered Suppliers.
As a level 1 Empowering Supplier, Clients can claim back 135% of procurement spend with SAT.



SAT shall:

  • Comply with all relevant legislation to accomplish its goal.
  • Promote environmental awareness amongst all personnel.
  • Strive to promote continual improvement during its operations with regard to safety, health, environment and quality.
  • Give training at all levels towards safety, health, quality and the environment.
  • Take appropriate corrective- and preventative measures when deviations occur.

SHERQ accreditation:

ISO 9001 : 2008
ISO 14001 : 2004 & Cor 1 : 2009
BS OHSAS 18001 : 2007


Electronic Service

Strategically placed scanners, various types of cameras, relay the movements and activities of workmen to monitors in the control room and record entries into and exits from confined spaces. The system is real-time, activities are recorded and stored to be studied later, should an incident occur.

The invention provides interactive safety surveillance, continuous control, inspection and training of workmen on behavioral based safety practices. Gas testers are used to detect dangerous gasses.

Manual Service

Behavioral safety practices on site, are observed by trained Safety Standby’s. These individuals are deployed on site and roam between activities and workforces to ensure comprehensive safety compliance.

Mobile Service

SAT has some mobile-surveillance units for short-term and long-term projects. This allows for on-site visits, evaluate surveillance situations, and deliver an electronic solution that fits specific needs. When it comes to areas that require constant, permanent surveillance, SAT provides a stable, reliable solution.

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